Mission & Vision

The goal of this institution is to make quality education and prepare competent students for society – national and international. As an institution of higher education our objective is to inculcate enthusiasm and motivation in the students so that they can discover the right path ahead to elevate their moral values. Our object is also to make the students a responsible citizen who will play constructive role in the building of our nation by learning democratic values, building moral character, developing dignity of human soul and fighting against all sorts of evils, oppression, tyranny and injustice. Our institution is also committed to provide quality education to the students where they can gain integrated subjective knowledge to compete with the modern progressive world of success and glory. All these are reflected well in teaching and overall activities of the institution. The teaching-learning community of the institution is committed to the following aims and objectives:

(1) To impart quality education through discursive study of the texts and reference books with the help of the mentors. To open the window of mind to the broader world outside.

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